Media Services

Media Planning and Strategy

Our Media Strategy team thoroughly investigates multiple media channels to find the right vehicles to reach your target audience. Whether your goal is to reach new or existing consumers, increase traffic, generate qualified leads, or build your brand, our Strategists will hone in on a plan to achieve (and often exceed) those goals. As media channels and usage continue this trend of rapid change, we frequently research new options and analyze their effectiveness for our clients’ benefit. We focus on integrating traditional plans with emerging media to allow our clients to grow successfully.

Media Buying

Our team of top notch buyers manage the entire media buying process, from research and data gathering in the initial RFP (request for proposal), to negotiation, placement, and stewardship. Throughout the process, we implement promotions and continually source quality added value opportunities that make sense for our clients. We keep abreast of any changes and trends in the market that could impact our clients’ strategies. Our media buyers love the optimization process, drilling down into the details to focus on what is working, identify what isn’t, and make the necessary adjustments to the benefit of our clients.