Brand Management

Brand management is more than just a single campaign, logo, or tagline. It is a living and continuously evolving persona. It comprises many things: your core differentiators or Unique Selling Propositions (USPs), your messaging, your logo, your slogan, your “look,” POS materials, signage, store design, your “voice” and personality, a jingle,… Focus is essential to ensure clarity and retention by your prospects. We have launched over 50 startups and renovated and re-launched the marketing programs of hundreds of well-established companies who needed the “secret formula” to get to the next level. Many of our clients have become national leaders in their categories. Developing an effective brand is something we know a lot about. So, if you’re interested in developing a compelling, unique, highly differentiated brand, let’s talk!

Brand Management & Strategy

All your marketing, one cohesive strategy. Brand guidelines help keep the messaging and all the visual elements on target. This is essential to develop consumer preference and ultimately category dominance.


Until you have a relevant and compelling message, nothing else matters. Our writers have worked with dozens of category-leading companies and will communicate your unique value propositions with a consistent voice and compelling copy.

Graphic Design & Brand Management

Logos, billboards, print ads, packaging, or websites, our creative team produces stunning designs that capture the essence of your brand. Designs that ensure your brand stands out amongst the competition and is memorable.

Logo Development

Your logo is the distillation of your identity. Launch your brand with an instantly recognizable logo that clearly communicates who you are.


Above all else, we focus on developing effective creative that drives sales and ROI. No matter how creative or interesting an ad may be, if it doesn’t cost-effectively drive sales, it’s useless.


Promotions are a very cost-effective way to increase brand awareness, preference, and momentum. After more than thirty years, and literally thousands of promotional events, we know how to develop the kind that increase leads and sales. We understand how to create partnerships with media vendors and non-competitive businesses to maximize impact for minimum expense.

Brand Reputation Management

Improve your brand image with positive reviews and mitigate negative feedback. Prevention is always the best strategy, but if you have a reputation crisis on your hands, we’ll work to restore your reputation and give you the tools you need so your business can minimize negative feedback in the future.

Business Consulting

We’ve launched over 50 startups in dozens of business categories. Nothing teaches you more about what works and what doesn’t than the unforgiving process of boot-strapping a new business. Many of these startups have become regional, even national category leaders. We’ve also re-branded, re-launched, re-invented another hundred plus businesses over the last three decades. All of those projects have given us the privilege of working with and learning from some really successful entrepreneurs. We love big ideas and disruptive thinking. So, if you’ve got a new business idea, a business that you’d like to take to another level of success, or if you’d just like to strengthen your brand and improve your ROI, let’s talk! We’ll start with clarifying the business plan, the key performance indicators, and how we are going to constantly monitor the data to ensure we are efficiently generating sales. The most successful brand management begins with a thorough understanding of the business itself.

Charitable Engagement

Your prospects make their buying decisions based on facts and feelings. Engendering feelings of trust, integrity, and that sense of “I really like that company,” are the most powerful things you can do to drive sales. One of the best ways to build brand loyalty and preference is to actively engage in “giving back” to your customers’ local communities in ways that are meaningful and relevant to your prospects. This is a core expertise of Destination Marketing. We have set up thousands of charity connections for our clients and then made their prospects aware of these efforts in very self-effacing ways, through P.R. and media partnerships, to ensure that brand loyalty is built. This type of community engagement also builds tremendous employee loyalty too. They are proud to work for a company that is so well thought of in their community.