Sold Out: The Art of Effective Product Marketing

Opportunity: To build a brand and product marketing strategy for a revolutionary and timely product. The Vioguard UV-C light box utilizes the only FDA Cleared technology to kill the toughest pathogens (like MRSA, eColi, C diff, S Aureus, COVID-19,…) in less than 60 seconds.

Solution: We developed a comprehensive marketing strategy to drive awareness to the brand.

What we provided: Marketing materials, website revisions, videos, online marketing, social media, emails, launched the Vioguard products on Amazon, and pitched the products to potential distributors.

Product Marketing 2.0: Research Informed Messaging

With medical products and services, it is essential to be clear, compelling and factual to build trust and motivation to purchase. When we fully understand the consumer; their needs, their wants, their fears, uncertainties and motivations, then we can develop a message and communication strategy that will efficiently drive business growth.

Video That Informs Product Marketing

With Vioguard our challenge was to introduce a brand-new product that solved an old problem in an innovative way. Prospects don’t shop for products they are unaware of, so this required an invasive approach to educate consumers on the benefits it could bring to their lives. Introductory videos precisely aimed at the needs and interests of each type of prospect was a key part of our lead generation plan.

Selling On Amazon

Our internal team of Amazon Merchant experts set up an Amazon storefront for Vioguard to supplement their direct to consumer strategy.

Content That Leads To Conversion

We developed content strategies that leveraged the current climate, to gain consumer interest and steer them towards the Vioguard landing page.

B2B Product Brochures

We developed print collateral that educated and informed consumers of the benefits of using the Vioguard sanitizing boxes.

Presentation Material

We created a series of posters to be used for various events throughout the country to communicate and showcase this groundbreaking product.

Trade Show And Exhibits

To round out the traveling road show, we armed the client with a full tradeshow display – impactful and succinct, to attract attention and draw in new customers.

The Results of Effective Product Marketing

Sales grew so rapidly that they exceeded the capacity of the original supply chain and had to find additional manufacturers to keep up with demand.