Office Mascot
Marketing Parrot
Rico wears many hats here at the agency. Figuratively speaking of course, because seldom do you see birds wearing hats


Rico has been with Destination Marketing since the beginning, which probably explains her expansive vocabulary. While she specializes in sneezes, ring tones, and the occasional, “have a nice day,” from time to time you might catch yourself asking, “What in the world was that sound – a blast from agency past?” With a roll of the tongue and tightening of the beak, she’s quick to remind all of us that she’s heard it all.

Outside DM

When not on duty, Rico would like to enjoy long flights over the beach at sunset with that special Aves. But for now, she’s content with just waddling around the office, paying visits to unsuspecting officemates, checking out the different footwear. Caution: Open toed shoes not recommended.