Dustin Olsen

Website Development Partner
Website Designer Dustin Olsen
Dustin creates and maintains our client websites. Using modern web technology and best practices, he produces the ideal website experience for each of our clients’ prospects. Some clients need informational websites about products and/or services. Others need eCommerce websites focused on making it easy for visitors to find products and purchase them. Still others, catalog websites that utilize a dynamic database to display resources like real estate property, rentals, dealer locations, and more. Dustin’s expertise is essential because with most lead generation strategies, your website is the first step for prospects.


Dustin has a Bachelors Degree in Web Design & Development with added emphasis in Web Business and Marketing. He has been working with the WordPress platform for the better part of a decade and specializes in using the Divi theme. Dustin has built websites for clients in a variety of industries, including Medical (hospitals, health departments, dentists, surgeons), Blogs (Food, Travel, Photography, Finance), Non-Profit, eCommerce, B2B, to name a few.

Dustin is a Divi Meetup Host and WordPress Meetup Co-Host, where he advises website owners once a month about all things Divi and WordPress and helps them resolve problems they are having with their websites.

Outside DM

When no one is telling Dustin what to do, you’ll find him trying to do anything outside – away from the computer screen. From biking and kayaking to mowing the lawn and washing his truck, he loves soaking up as much sun as he can before the days get short.

Dustin also loves to collect passport stamps and experience new cultures. He’s been to Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, Italy, England, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Australia, and several Caribbean islands.

While being active and traveling the world are favorite past-times, nothing will bring out the excitement in Dustin’s voice more than talking about cars. He’s a sucker for brand new vehicles and iconic 60’s muscle cars – specifically, the Ford Mustang, making Gone In 60 Seconds one of his all-time favorite movies.