Dan Voetmann

Destination Marketing
Dan leads overall business and brand strategy to make our clients wildly successful.


Since 1984, when Dan started Destination Marketing, he’s helped launch over 50 businesses, frequently as an equity partner. Several, like Sleep Country Canada, Sono Bello, Sleep America, and ListenUP, have become regionally, even nationally dominant brands. He has also led brand re-invigoration projects for hundreds of established companies including Car Toys, RE/MAX, Super Supplements, Magnolia Audio/Video-Best Buy, regional Jeep and Volkswagen groups, and Mattress Firm.

The three distinguishing characteristics of Dan and his team:

  • A remarkable ability to create messaging and branding strategies that effectively connect businesses with their prospects to achieve consumer preference.
  • A commitment to the values essential for relationships to thrive long term; transparency, integrity, and treating every dollar as if it is our own.
  • An obsession for results.

Outside DM

Dan has a passion for learning and is a regular guest lecturer and mentor in the MBA programs at the University of Washington and Seattle Pacific University. In addition to work, his passions are music (he plays guitar/bass/harmonica/ukulele/…), snow skiing, basketball, soccer, long-distance bicycling, and hanging out with his family.