Cost Per Lead Reduced by Over 50%

Opportunity: Lexington Plastic Surgeons aspired to become a national chain, but realized they were missing a key element; premier plastic surgery marketing to convey a consistently effective and efficient lead generation program.

Solution: We began with a comprehensive assessment of all their lead generation activities, competitors, and opportunities to upgrade, laying the foundation for a comprehensive, fully integrated lead generation strategy.

What we provided: We developed a new fully integrated strategy to generate leads, quickly cutting the cost per lead in half. We rebuilt the website to focus on what their prospects were looking for to ensure a more compelling buyers’ journey. A website specifically designed to motivate prospects to make contact. We revamped their brand messaging and evolved all aspects of their visual brand, including the Logo.


Effective marketing is based on a thorough understanding of the prospects; their needs, their wants, their decision-making process, and the common “blockers” that prevent or delay decision. It also requires a thorough understanding of the company’s unique advantages and the competitive situation in each market. Once these are understood, we can develop a fully customized business growth strategy to accomplish the company’s goals and objectives.

Less Is More in plastic surgery marketing

Simplified the brand logo to make it more iconic and identifiable while keeping it recognizable as the same historic company.

A Brand That Connects

Created a comprehensive visual brand strategy that connects with their core consumer, and developed guidelines that ensure continuity across all consumer touchpoints.

A New Foundation

Designed and developed an entirely new website experience. One centered around providing a more relational experience for their prospects, that in turn is generating significantly more leads.

See It To Believe It

The new visual brand standards delivered an aspirational look that resonated with the target audience. The messaging and tone ensured greater engagement leading to an increase in lead conversions.

A Platform BuilT On Meaningful Content

A comprehensive digital campaign supported by a carefully coordinated content schedule ensured prospects remained engaged with the brand throughout the customer journey and became long term passionate advocates for Lexington Plastic Surgeons.

Brand Continuity Across All Touch Points of your plastic surgery marketing

Brand consistency in all channels (broadcast, digital, direct mail, signage, in office,…) is essential to build a perception of quality and prospect confidence. 50% of brand consistency is building effective resources like our Brand Style Guides that include both content and design directives for every consumer touch point. The other 50% comes from implementing rigorous process via effective management tools, advanced preparation, a consistent review and approval process, and continuous results analysis.

Data Driven

Step 1— Develop an effective way to continuously monitor all Key Performance Indicators.

Step 2— Transparency with tactics and results ensured LPS knew exactly what they were getting for every part of their marketing investment at all times.

Step 3— Continuous Optimization. By providing a depth of insight into the lead generation machinery they’d never had before, decisions became easier and ROI constantly improved.

The Result

Within 90 days the cost per lead had dropped to less than half what it was the year before and the quality of the leads also steadily improved.