6 New Website Design Concepts to Get Your Business Noticed

Apr 25, 2017 | Digital, Website | 0 comments

Website Design

Does your website design attract visitors, or are they flocking to the competition’s homepage?

Businesses, small and large, are updating their websites, battling for attention. If your website is unappealing, unhelpful, or worse, unusable, your visitors will go elsewhere.

So how can your business compete? Take a look at these new web design concepts to get your business noticed, and turn your visitors into leads.

Website Design Concept #1: Enhanced Fluidity

Web Design Concepts: Enhanced Fluidity

Web Design Concepts: Enhanced Fluidity

Fluidity across devices is one of the most important design concepts for your website. It may look great on a desktop, but if your website doesn’t translate well to a smartphone or tablet, you’re in trouble.

The majority of web searches and media consumption occur on mobile, so make sure your site presents well across all devices. Transitioning your website to a pre-made template can alleviate the headache of trying to maintain a beautifully responsive and perfectly fluid website.

Or, try the “mobile first” technique, by designing your website for mobile (or the smallest screens), then working your way to the bigger ones.

Website Design Concept #2: Interactive, Personalized & Useful Content

You’ve heard the adage “content is king.” Let’s revise that.

Quality content is king.

In 2017, people are becoming inundated with content. The sheer volume of low-quality content with which users are bombarded has calloused them against clickbait and sensationalist headings.

Users will also click away from anything that is not convenient or easy to read.

So, how do you make your website’s content shine?

Interactive, personalized, and useful content will generate interest and humanize your brand. Live video, interactive infographics, calculators, user-generated content, and quizzes are just a few examples of the type of content that will separate your website from the competition.

Website Design Concept #3: Minimalism

Web Design Concepts: Minimalism

Web Design Concepts: Minimalism

Less is more in 2017. “Minimalism” denotes simple, stripped-down design that embodies only the basic, fundamental needs of the user.

The simplicity of a minimalistic website can move users along the conversion path faster since they are less distracted by superfluous content.

It’s easy to achieve at least some degree of minimalism on your website. Start by purging your pages of all superfluous links, text boxes, and clutter. But remember, details become critical with fewer elements on your website, so be mindful of your choices.

Website Design Concept #4: Big, Bold Typography

Web Design Concepts: Big Bold Typography

Web Design Concepts: Big Bold Typography

Your fonts matter. Big, bold, and interesting typeface on your homepage will resonate with users, draw the eye, and encourage user interaction.

Striking typography is compelling; it captures and inspires your users.  Keep it simple and clean for maximum legibility.

A few typography trends for 2017 include:

  • Extreme Sizes
  • Hand-drawn fonts
  • Mixed Fonts
  • Mobile-Friendly Fonts (usually Sans Serif Fonts)

Website Design Concept #5: Color Schemes

Web Design Concepts: Color Schemes

Web Design Concepts: Color Schemes

Web Design Concepts: Color Schemes

Web Design Concepts: Color Schemes

Color is an integral factor in driving engagement on your website, so don’t shrug it off! Colors establish the visual identity of your brand. It can influence the emotions, thoughts, even conversion rates of your users.

The intelligent use of color can actually guide your users along the conversion path, through eye-catching links and assets.

Picking the wrong colors can negatively affect your brand by affecting the feel, flow, and overall legibility of your website. Thoughtless color combinations can come across as dated or tacky. Pay close attention to your palate, and how the colors interact with each other.

Website Design Concept #6: Say “No” to Stock Photos

Studies have shown that most people ignore generic stock photos. In fact, stock photos do very little to enhance your website, and can actually harm your business.

Dated and disingenuous, they cheapen your website and can make it seem tacky and untrustworthy.

Fortunately, there are many websites that offer free, high-quality photos that you can use to instantly elevate your brand. Interesting, relatable images capture attention and keep the user’s eye engaged with your page for extended periods of time.

Free High-Quality Photo Websites:

Wrapping Up…

Your website is like your business card. It is often the first point of contact between you and potential customers, and it shapes the perception of value and quality you offer.

Cold prospects have very little information on which to base their purchase decision, but a good website with a strong web design concept will get your business noticed and convert visitors into leads.

Don’t diminish your company’s credibility with a dysfunctional or outdated website. After all, first impressions are important. And you can only make a first impression once.