Scott Burns

Audio Production Manager
Audio Production Manager Scott Burns
Scott can be found in our Audio Production room, creating and assembling sound effects, performing voice-overs, and producing.


Scott lives and breathes the world of sound design. He began experimenting with sound design at the age of 6 when he’d borrow his sister’s toy reel-to-reel tape recorder and attempt to recreate episodes of the Flintstones. Since then he’s applied his passion for creating imaginative audio pieces to national morning radio shows, video, film, and interactive media. Scott has won numerous Puget Sound Radio Broadcasters “Soundie” awards for his production and voice work, featuring impersonations of Andy Rooney, Barney Fife, and Tom Brokaw. Oddly, no one from the Flintstones was ever nominated…

Why I love DM
“Besides the incredible endless supply of deliciously free coffee, it’s undoubtedly being able to tell stories through sound!”

Outside DM

“I do voiceover work for commercials, corporate narrations, and characters for video games (my big claim to gamer fame is voicing Bowser for Nintendo’s Super Mario series). I also mentor and teach classes for up and coming voice talent new to the business.”