Ellen Gerhard

Director of Workflow Operations & Account Management
Director of Workflow Operations & Account Management Ellen Gerhard
Ellen lives and breathes operational enhancement and process improvement; she streamlines everything DM does through new technology and past experience.


Ellen has had a diverse career. She offers a balance of exceptional detail orientation and understanding the big picture — clearly seeing both the forest and the trees. This has proven true in roles that range from e-Book Developer to Documentation Manager, from State & Regional Administrator to Operations Director, from Office Manager to IT Supervisor, from Systems Coordinator and New Business Director. Ellen plays a key role in helping our client partners increase efficiencies and reduce waste. By creating complex yet user-friendly automated tools, implementing software enhancements, and overseeing process improvement, she serves our internal operational needs enabling the Destination Marketing team to maximize the ROI for every client. When we need that oh-so critical animated, analytical, KPI dashboard – or any other complex spreadsheet and data analysis needs – she’s our go-to Excel guru.

Outside DM

“You’ll often find me at the theatre as an enthusiastic audience member. I performed in musical theatre for years, and now enjoy watching from the seats — 10th row center!! And, if not live theater, movie theaters are another passion. There is nothing better than a well-written, well-produced, well-acted 2-hour respite.”