Cameron Voetmann

Account Director
Account Director Cameron Voetmann
Cameron’s primary objective is to move his client’s business forward with market research, project management, data analysis, regular meetings and client calls, and coffee. Lots and lots of hand-roasted coffee.


Cameron’s past exemplifies a well-balanced blend of research analysis meets creative thinking meets team collaboration meets grit. His background brings him big digital agency experience with clients such as Disney, Best Buy, and Tourism New Zealand, involvement with three start-ups (one that was so successful at evaluating the effectiveness of TV & Internet campaigns that it was purchased by Nielsen), and cutting-edge social analytics at Simply Measured. He’s honed his work ethic around a data-driven approach that delivers on each client’s business objectives.

Why I Love DM
“I love big data, but I think it’s the clever insights we provide that take brands from reacting to trends to creating meaningful connections with their consumers. Working with teams and companies to create new and more efficient means of driving sales is fun and extremely rewarding.”

Outside DM

“Outside the agency Cameron has a lot of interests – he manages and plays men’s soccer every week, bikes often, loves to ski, and plays board games on a borderline competitive level.  However, all those activities take a backseat to his family.  He’s a father of three young boys and a devoted husband to his college sweetheart. “