Andrea McArthur

Digital Strategy Director
Digital Strategy Director Andrea McArthur
Andrea works to solve her clients’ business needs, providing strategic recommendations to identify and support marketing objectives. With a reservoir of digital marketing knowledge and a traditional advertising background, she uses all available resources to build effective and efficient strategies.


Andrea has worked at Destination Marketing since 2009 in a variety of roles – promotions, media buying, account manager, and project manager. Over the years, a driving interest in strategy development and new technology led her to specialize in online advertising and online retailing. A problem-solver at heart, Andrea excels at working one-on-one with clients to help them use the resources available to them to achieve continued growth for their business. Prior to Destination Marketing, Andrea worked in cable advertising sales at Comcast Spotlight and their interactive media department. Andrea is certified in Google Adwords Search and Display, as well as Google Analytics. She is experienced in SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing. Andrea has a BA in Advertising and Marketing from Pepperdine University and an MBA from the University of Washington with program emphasis on entrepreneurship and managing high-tech firms.

Outside DM

“I enjoy spending time with my husband, dog, and adorable sons, and trying out new recipes to use the massive amounts of vegetables that come out of our garden. I also love reading and learning new things. My strength lies in input – you’ll find me constantly reading up on the latest news and facts, because you never know when it might be useful! That’s probably why I’m always listening to NPR on the road.”