Take Time for Fun!

Dec 23, 2015 | Food for thought

DM Crew 2016

Work places get so busy and people get so consumed with what they are doing that it is easy to lose your sense of teamwork and camaraderie. How do we combat this? Schedule a little fun! Obviously, work still needs to get done, but scheduling fun things on a regular basis goes a long way in keeping the atmosphere light when it could become overwhelmed with constant looming deadlines and hectic projects. Here are some of the fun things that we have done over the last year:

  • Monthly birthday parties (with treats, games, and prizes!)
  • A summer picnic in the park
  • Halloween costume contest
  • Christmas/Awards party
  • Seahawks tailgate lunch party
  • Valentine’s Day cookie decorating contest
  • A few late Friday afternoon relax & celebrate parties

The basic rule is – provide food and a game and you’re golden! It does take some legwork and planning to pull these activities off, but the rewards are exciting to see. In our experience, invest a little in fun and you’ll see the results in increased morale and satisfaction among your staff.

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