Increased Sales Year-Over-Year by 10% with Premier Supplements Marketing

Opportunity: Use Destination Marketing’s supplements marketing tactics to boost sales during the busiest time of the year and maintain a foothold as the Northwest’s premier and trusted resource for supplements and other health-related products.

Solution: Destination Marketing partnered with Super Supplement’s staff to conceive and deliver a uniquely Northwest campaign that was authentic, and connected with very specific target audience segments. In parallel we also developed and deployed a highly effective, interactive digital marketing campaign to generate consumer buzz, greatly bolstering their online presence within the social sphere.

What we provided: Developed a brand-positioning line and creative that threaded throughout all marketing channels, including radio, outdoor, and print. Enhanced the overall brand by combining timely messaging with consumer-facing branded elements, such as in-store posters, truck signage, and custom tee shirts for the sales staff.

Supplements Marketing 2.0: Utilizing City Traffic as Our Captive Audience

Super Supplements had a fleet of delivery trucks that provided the perfect opportunity to literally get the message out on the street. We devised a system of graphics, blending branded elements with seasonal offers to increase awareness and drive sales. This is premier supplements marketing.

We ‘Lived It’ with Super Supplements marketing

Conceived and developed overarching campaign to sustain marketing throughout the year. The ‘Live It’ campaign proved to be highly successful and adapted nicely to the change in seasons.

On the Road Again, With Seasonal Messaging

Seattle and Portland’s Transit network proved an effective channel to increase awareness for the brand. Utilizing buses and light rail supplemented our electronic media tactics to build top-of-mind awareness.

Getting the Most Out of the supplements marketing Spend

Our media strategy and oversight rely on the right blend of metrics to maximize exposure in relationship to the spend. With the right balance of radio and other channels, we showed consistent annual growth in market share and sales to justify a positive and sustainable ROI.

Spots That Connect with People’s Aspirations to Live Healthy

Radio proved to be an efficient medium to convey the emotional qualities of the brand, and the wellness focus that is central to their storyline and prospects.

Evolving the Website

Provided design thematic to evolve the website and enhance the online shopping experience, complimentary to the in-store experience.

Keeping Wellness Top-of-Mind Through Creative that Connects

We were tasked on a quarterly basis to conceive of ideas for each seasonal campaign. Each flip of the calendar brought with it the challenge of turning a seasonal ailment into an opportunity for wellness.

It’s Only as Good as the Sum of All its Parts

Once a seasonal concept had been developed, we then blasted it through a myriad of channels, taking great care to maximize the theme and deliver a cohesive message across all customer touchpoints.