Premier Mattress Marketing From Launch to “Most Recognizable Brand in Canada”

Opportunity: To take a concept that was highly successful in the U.S. and utilize premier mattress marketing to launch it in the Canadian market.

Solution: They partnered with Destination Marketing, the architects behind the brand and marketing for the U.S. company.

What we provided: Developed research-informed value propositions that were relevant to Canadian consumers. Managed market expansion and the evolution of the brand. Developed dozens of charitable partnerships to build brand likeability. Helped manage Sleep Country’s partnership with the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Managed the marketing programs for the mattress retail chains Sleep Country Canada acquired over the years. Managed ad production in five languages: English, French, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Hindi.

A few years ago the largest newspaper in Canada conducted a huge national brand survey. Sleep Country Canada was the top vote getter in both the “Most Well Known” and “Where I Would Shop” categories.

Mattress MArketing 2.0: Fostering a Customer-Friendly Environment

Pioneered a knowledgeable, customer-first approach that developed tremendous brand loyalty. Integrated the charitable concept to showcase their commitment to the community. Developed a branded, graphics package to correlate with outbound mattress marketing efforts.

A System that Communicates Quality and Caring

Developed a way-finding signage and product labeling system to bring cohesion and clarity to the brand. Created light and fun messaging elements to add value and help shoppers feel at ease within the store.

Conceptualized and Produced Numerous Television Campaigns

Created relatable TV campaigns with founder Christine Magee as the lead spokesperson. Balanced brand building with product-specific television ads throughout the year to build awareness and drive sales.

Expanded the Reach with mattress marketing

Used the affordable Reach and Frequency of Radio as a base, supported with TV, Print, and digital tactics.

Print Delivered a Multi-Channel Experience

Produced print advertising for inserts and trade publications. Established graphic guidelines to ensure consistency of look from campaign to campaign.

Provided a Consumer-Centric Online Experience

Designed, developed, and produced websites in multiple languages for multiple marketing programs. Devised a central editing platform for ease of maintenance and cost efficiency.

Extended Multi-Channel Advertising to Encompass Digital mattress marketing 

As part of the broader marketing effort, provided creative for a multitude of digital assets to support display advertising, various events, and social interactions.

Implemented Customer Nurture Program

Led the inception and provided the creative for a customer email program to cultivate leads, retain customers, and woo prospects.