Average Job Revenue Grew More Than 100% Year-Over-Year With Optimum Remodeling Marketing

Opportunity: Sales were flat, and it was clear they were losing leads due to a less than optimal online customer experience and a digital approach that lacked focus.

Solution: Renewal partnered with Destination Marketing to identify the weak points in their remodeling marketing program. We developed a plan to focus the messaging and pinpoint their audience throughout all relevant channels to maximize conversion.

What we provided: We conducted a thorough audit of all their marketing channels and quickly determined that the best place to start was to revamp their website. From there, we updated their sales collateral, and devised a content strategy to maximize low-cost, organic search opportunities and build community. A focused paid digital plan helped further drive leads.

Remodeling Marketing 2.0: An Effective Website Drives Leads

We prioritized and streamlined their primary Call to Action (CTA). We made organizational adjustments throughout the website to enhance usability and improve use-engagement. We also upgraded the overall look of the site with a more modern visual presentation and enhanced the use of photography. That’s premier remodeling marketing.

Expanding the New Look to Print

Building off the new look of the website, we developed sales collateral that tied into the overarching theme. This increased visual cohesion heightened the credibility of the brand which aided in the sales process.

Quality Content is Necessary for Consumers to Pay Attention to Remodeling Marketing

Businesses use the internet to present and sell their products. Consumers rely on it to primarily shop and compare. Relevant, fresh, clearly understandable content is critical to both parties. We worked with Renewal to showcase their product in ways that resonated with their prospective customer.

Corporate Video is a Great Way to Tie it All Together

A thoughtful interview style and casual setting enabled Renewal’s leadership to speak authentically about their business.

Doing Digital Right with Premier Remodeling MArketing

We took over their paid digital program, which was being managed internally at the time and underperforming. We were able to more succinctly identify their target customers throughout the region and devise a strategy that outperformed previous campaigns by double digits.

To be Considered You Must Remain Top-of-Mind

Building relationships with prospects to repeatedly woo them back is important for any business, especially those with high price points and long decision cycles. For Renewal we helped foster repeated engagement by constantly pushing out content that was relevant and fresh.

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

We found ‘after’ photos to be of great interest to people who were in the market for a remodel and that Instagram provide yet another effective channel by which to showcase the work.