Relevance is the Key to Getting More Prospects

May 26, 2020 | Food for thought | 0 comments

Key Prospects

Most business focus on telling you why they are the best. The problem with that approach to advertising is that your prospects don’t care about you. They care about themselves – their wants, their needs. If you talk too much about yourself too soon, they will simply ignore your advertising. So, if you want to get your key prospects to pay attention, you need to start by talking about things they care about, things that are directly relevant to them. Only after you have their full attention should you start telling them why YOUR COMPANY is the best place to meet their needs and wants. Let me give you a real-world example. The founder of what became Sono Bello approached us with a brilliant new business concept. But he needed a name, a brand, a website, an effective lead generation strategy,… all of which we quickly provided. And Sono Bello grew rapidly. Today they are the largest elective surgery provider in their category in North America…with locations in more than 40 cities.  






What’s our key to attaining prospects? A whole lot of things of course, but the power of relevant messaging was a big part of it. Our advertising told stories people could identify with. We told stories about people who had been successful at achieving exactly what our prospects desperately wanted to achieve for themselves. Then we told them why Sono Bello was the best way to get there.  We called it Real People. Real Results. And the result was a startup that’s going to sell for hundreds of millions of dollars.




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