Pancake Batter and Marketing Consistency

Apr 30, 2016 | Food for thought

Marketing Consistency

Consistency is Key

When you want nice pancakes, without lumps in the batter, you want to put in a little extra effort in the mixing, to make sure you don’t have lumps. I believe this serves as a big reminder that I should never write these blogs before breakfast. Where I’m heading here is the word, ‘consistency.’ Marketing consistency, to be exact.

You want evenness, a smoothness in your message that allows it to be absorbed by your target audience.

Now, make sure they run into that same message everywhere they go and the odds increase that they’ll not only hear it, but also retain it.

Striving for Synergy

We encourage all of our clients to strive for synergy so that all of their advertising—digital, print, broadcast, blimp—reinforce each other.

If you want to be known as having the best bacon in town, why would you tell one person you’re great at omelets, tell another person you’re the French Toast king, and yet another person that you specialize in oatmeal?

I swear, next time, I’m having breakfast first.

One client from the past would send out an offer on a postcard, broadcast a different offer on TV, and then another offer inside their store. Then, they’d ask, “I wonder which one was more effective?”

Strong creative can make up quite a bit for lack of frequency. But, combine the two, like we did with Super Supplements, and you have potential customers seeing billboards and bus boards going by while they’re hearing the same message on the radio:

Don’t just think about better health—Live it!

That was the message that lived and breathed on everything from the aforementioned medium, to in-store posters and catalogs. An aspirational person, a representative of your target demo, getting control of their life and striving for better health.

We fueled the theme with a Facebook contest and a social media presence, featuring winners of that contest. Then, we interviewed the winners and brought their story to the radio.

Give People What They Really Want

Offer people what they really want and they will come.

Marketing consistency means spreading that same message around evenly and consistently. Sit back and enjoy the success….for a moment. Then, get busy on what’s coming up next.

Right after breakfast.