Nationwide Vision

Bring brand clarity to one of the Nation’s largest, privately held eye care centers.

Services We Provided

  • Website design
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Collateral

Destination Marketing used its deep understanding of retail marketing, customers, and audiences to develop market-leading positioning and messaging to clearly move Nationwide Vision from one of many providers to number one.

By quickly assessing business issues and needs through our Scope and Vision Workshop, we built a solutions roadmap for web redesign that leveraged our unique messaging and newly-developed brand strategy to bring perspective and continuity to Nationwide’s collective offering. Through the results of our SWOT analysis, encompassing quantitative research, online and telephone surveys, we redesigned the site and its mobile application to better reflect the needs of each customer type. From this roadmap, we implemented an integrated campaign across multiple media fronts that consistently created month-over-month sales gains, while rapidly building their social media following.

It's All About Results

The impact of this implementation was quickly realized as web traffic increased substantially, as did time on site and the number of page views. By working closely with the client, our new position, look, and communication tools led to an unmatched level of engagement with customers and reenergized the brand.