Mattress Firm

Help a mattress retailer become the largest in America.

Services We Provided

  • Brand Invention
  • Logo
  • Signage
  • Marketing Materials
  • Slogan
  • Jingle
  • Broadcast Radio
  • TV
  • Charitable Partnerships
  • Media Strategy
  • Ad Production
  • Online Radio and Video
  • Website
  • Long Form Videos
  • Online Marketing
  • Local Events
  • PR
  • Customer Research

Growth had stalled. The leadership of Mattress Firm was aware of our success in their category and invited us to partner with them to kick-start growth. We began with a substantial brand refresh.

  • New slogan – Mattress Firm, where it’s easy to get a great night’s sleep.
  • Put the slogan to music with a great jingle.
  • Helped refresh the logo.
  • Developed a new creative and promotional approach.
  • Created a new value proposition matrix.
  • Helped launch a 501c3 Mattress Firm charity to focus their community engagement.
  • Developed a new marketing strategy with a focus on invasive media and tactics to build brand awareness and preference.
  • Managed regular customer research to continually test and refine the brand and tactics.
  • Established partnerships with local charities in each of their markets.
Memorial Day Sale
Buckner Charity
Employee Testimonial Delivery
90 Day Comfort Guarantee
Select Comfort Tempurpedic

It's All About Results

Over the next five years, Mattress Firm’s store count exploded from 200 to 500 stores, and that momentum launched them on their path to becoming the biggest mattress retailer in America. (Today, Mattress Firm has over 3,500 stores.)