Product Development, Brand Creation, Premiere Pet Marketing For Your Growing Business

Opportunity: Utilize Destination Marketing’s premiere pet marketing strategies to take a best-in-class Pet Supplement product line and make it available to the masses.

Solution: Dr. Bill partnered with Destination Marketing to rebrand his product line and bring it to market.

What we provided: Provided product branding, essential content, product development, operations, fulfillment, and warehousing. Initially only available direct, we expanded availability to Amazon and other online retail channels. Developed brand storyline to position Dr. Bill as the leading expert in pet supplements by providing quality content addressing all aspects of ‘at home’ pet care for your dog and cat.

Pet Marketing 2.0: Going from ‘Vet Only’ to ‘Consumer Friendly’

Developed a new name for the product line to evoke expertise and trust. Produced a friendly, consumer-oriented logo and color palette to set an accessible and welcoming tone.

Providing Pet Owners with the Information and Products They Want

Developed an information-based, consumer resource-oriented ecommerce platform to provide consumers with high-value pet health information and facts.

Created a Video Library of Topics Meaningful to Pet Owners

Produced highly informative, branded videos for pet owners. Dr. Bill, a veterinary expert, covers a wide array of topics to provide consumers with helpful answers to all the top health concerns of dog and cat owners.

Making Products Available on and other key online channels

Set up and managed the Amazon product-selling portal (also E-bay and to expand their sales opportunities.

Developed a Fresh New Look to Catch the Consumer’s Eye

Developed consumer packaging for both the Feline and Canine product lines. Created a modern look to convey credibility and attract the discerning shopper.