Desktop to Mobile

Digital Content Marketing

Content through blog writing, websites, and other digital platforms all help tell a well-rounded story relating to your company’s brand messages. Whether through a formal or informal channel, our digital team will work with you to ensure that your most engaged customers easily develop a strong idea of your company’s personality and offerings. We enjoy researching interesting, relevant topics, then creating a unique story relating back to each of our clients.

Email Marketing

Whether you already have an e-mail marketing plan in place or are looking for a company to help you implement one, our digital team has the tools and expertise to maximize the return you’ll achieve from this direct marketing tool. Email marketing campaigns can allow you to reward your loyal customers and incentivize new customers through exclusive deals and offerings. They serve as an effective means of staying top of mind for your customers with brand building messages or communicating upcoming events and promotions.

Social Media Marketing

With a focus on proactive outreach, our digital group uses Facebook, Twitter, and other social channels to cultivate interactions with your potential and current customers in an informal and fun platform. With an ever-increasing emphasis on the social web, we strongly believe that social media marketing can help your business better reach a large customer base in an effective and financially efficient manner.

Search Engine Marketing

In this age of Google and Bing, it’s not always enough just to be online. You need to be found. Search Engine Marketing promotes your website’s relevancy in search engine results. Destination Marketing works to both optimize your online presence for organic search and works through Google Adwords and Bing for paid search marketing. We’ll identify what your potential customers might be looking for online and ensure that when they search for it, they find you.