Car Toys Became the Largest in Their Category Using Our Automative Marketing Strategies

Opportunity: Utilize effective automotive marketing strategies to expand from a few stores to the possibility for so much more.

Solution: Car Toys partnered with Destination Marketing to re-invent the Car Toys brand to differentiate from competitors and efficiently communicate their advantages to consumers.

What we provided: We developed a comprehensive and integrated automotive marketing strategy, with data-driven messaging and a strategic media plan. Conducted consistent research to monitor the growth of brand awareness and preference. Refreshed the brand over the years to keep the message exciting and relevant, governed by a brand style guide to keep all customer touch points consistent. Developed a new brand identity. Updated the logo, created a slogan and jingle, developed value propositions and a unique messaging style to ensure their ads stood out from the competition. Evolved the core brand promises as the rise of online shopping brought new competitors.

Automotive Marketing 2.0: Getting to Know the Automotive Customer is Our First Marketing Priority

Constantly evaluating consumer shopping behaviors to adjust to an ever-changing marketplace. Adapting automotive marketing strategies to meet consumer demand and competitors.

Media Marketing Strategies Designed for Today’s Automotive Consumer

Our Omni channel approach tracks consumers through the entire purchase cycle. From high-funnel mass awareness, digital media, social engagement, to post-sale customer nurturing.

Spreading Awareness Through the Airways

Conceptualized, produced, and executed electronic mass media campaigns to grow awareness for the brand. Supported campaigns throughout the year with a well thought out and cohesive messaging strategy designed to drive prospects into the store.

As Customer Behaviors Evolve, So Too Must the Brand’s Marketing

Updated the visual brand standards to encompass all consumer touchpoints. In-store POS graphics guidelines, logo use, including visual standards for digital, print, and OOH.

Digital Media Strategies Customized to Align with Consumer Behaviors

Managed paid and organic digital campaigns and produced creative assets for all events throughout the year. Monitored results to set KPIs to meet or exceed expectations.

Building Brand and Credibility by Expanding Social Media Marketing

Provided strategic consulting, content support, and developed creative assets to establish social presence with current and past customer base. Developed content to engage prospective customers and gain stronghold as category expert.

Marketing Strategies That Are Proven by Real World Results

All our efforts are closely monitored, and data informed. We’ve developed a sophisticated, custom dashboard to provide oversight of high value measurements to ensure we’re held fully accountable for our results.