Big Picture

Business Consulting

We have a lot of experience with business startups and re-launches. While our primary role is wooing and retaining customers, our unique experiences allow us to be a valuable sounding board in areas of operations, product development, raising capital, etc. Many of our clients have grown from startups to regional, even national, category leaders. Our big picture perspective ensures we think like business owners. Our familiarity with best practices and relationships with specialty consultants have proven to be a valuable resource to numerous clients.

Public Relations

A valuable component of a fully integrated marketing strategy, PR is one of the best ways for a brand to build credibility. The explosion of internet connectedness has dramatically changed the nature and opportunities for PR over the last few years. It is essential, now more than ever before, to carefully coordinate the advertising plan with earned media strategies, online communication, and reputation management. Destination Marketing’s internal team partners with category specific specialists to develop and implement efficient and effective strategies for each client.


Our insights and relationships with our media partners often lead to additional promotional opportunities for our clients. As an integrated agency, we’re adept at customizing promotions that not only leverage our traditional media outlet relationships, but perform within the digital and social media spheres as well. We’ve conducted numerous interactive and engaging online promotions which have resulted in widening consumer engagement and ultimately increasing sales. Whether for an event, product, or service, a well thought out promotion can be a great way to generate additional awareness at a very low price point.

Brand Strategy

Rigorous analysis of your category, company, and competitors is essential to develop a foundation for powerful messaging. Our Scope and Vision Workshops combine research and investigative procedures to bring a fresh vision and unique perspective to your business strategy. Our goal is to create a clear plan that will develop consumer preference, and ultimately, category dominance.