Effective marketing is the result of understanding what makes a business work, who the ideal prospects are, and how to cost-efficiently woo prospects. It requires a holistic approach to win today’s prospects and simultaneously seed the ground with future prospects so they are “pre-sold” before they even know they have started “shopping” for the services and products your company provides. A common theme with Destination’s clients is that they became the “first choice” in their category, the company everyone was familiar with and planned to check out before making a purchase decision. Partnering with a premiere advertising agency like Destination Marketing is a great way to achieve rapid growth and category dominance.

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Car Toys

We started working with Car Toys in 1994 when they had six stores. Today they are the largest mobile electronics specialty retailer in America. Combined sales between all their ventures have exceeded a billion dollars a year for many years now. The Founder and CEO talks about Destination Marketing’s role in their growth –

Magnolia Audio/Video & Best Buy

Our success with Car Toys opened the door to a relationship with the northwest’s largest home electronics specialty retailer, Magnolia Audio/Video. After helping them grow into a multi-state retailer Magnolia became an attractive acquisition for Best Buy. After the acquisition Best Buy liked our work so much that they retained us to continue doing all marketing for Magnolia until Best Buy finally decided to move all the Magnolia business inside their big box stores.

Sleep Country

“Why Buy A Mattress Anywhere Else?” is another jingle that is our “fault.” We started working with the owners of Sleep Country USA in 1993 when they had just four stores. By 1999, Sleep Country USA had grown to 50+ locations in multiple states and the founders sold the business for over 30 million dollars and retired.

Sunny Kobe Cook talks about her partnership with Destination Marketing’s advertising agency team –

Sleep Country Canada

Meanwhile, Sleep Country’s rapid growth grabbed the attention of three Canadian entrepreneurs who brought us on board to help them develop and run a Canadian version. Over the next twenty years we helped them grow to over 330 stores resulting in a 300 million dollar buyout for the founders. In 2012 the largest newspaper in Canada did a nationwide survey; Sleep Country won the awards for both “most recognized brand” and “most trusted brand” in Canada.

CEO Dave Friesma reflects on what it’s like to work with the Destination Marketing advertising agency team –

Mattress Firm

Bain Capital purchased a stake in multiple mattress companies (one of them was our client Sleep Country Canada). They were so impressed with our marketing effectiveness that Bain introduced us to the CEOs of their other retail acquisitions to export our “best practices.” Mattress Firm, another of Bain’s acquisitions, had been plateaued at 200 locations. We reworked their brand, messaging, lead gen strategies, and over the next five years helped them rapidly grow their store count to over 500 locations.